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Scientists warn 'Asian cloud' could kill millions

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Was Tom Clark’s discovery of the Sacred Spring a miracle or a chance encounter?

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T. J. Clark & Company Poised to Introduce A New Product to Combat The Health Effects of Polluted Air and Second-hand Smoke

If you live or work in an area that is prone to high levels of airborne pollutants, if you smoke or are exposed to second-hand smoke, or if you are one of the more than 17 million Americans suffering from the complications of Asthma, or one of the millions of others suffering from different types of Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disorder (COPD), then help is on the way*. T. J. Clark & Company, with 80 years of excellence in health and human nutrition,  has focused their leading-edge technology in liquid nutrition and phytogenic bonding to design a  supplement specifically to help alleviate the symptoms caused by polluted air.                                  

Find out how much you know about air pollution by taking our Air Pollution Quiz!

 Regardless of where you live, air pollution is rough on everyone, but especially children and the elderly. Children are severely affected because they tend to be more active, and they are outside more often when air pollution is at it's worst. Because of their small bodies, they also can inhale as much as ten times the particulate matter per pound of bodyweight as adults. Some cities institute programs that notify parents and coaches to keep children inside at these times, but staying inside isn't always an option. Once these particles are inhaled regularly over a period of time, they reach the alveoli, or terminal air pockets of the lungs, and a lifetime condition of reduced lung function has it's start.

If your children are exposed to poor air quality today, then there is only a 25 percent chance that they will ever become symptom-free as adults. Instead, they may contribute to the 39 billion dollars spent annually on health care costs directly attributed to asthma or COPD. They could also be among the half a million Americans hospitalized annually, or worse, they could become part of the one in ten non-accidental deaths directly associated with air pollution and COPD.

T. J. Clark & Company has developed a cutting-edge formula that when combined with other measures taken to ensure a healthy lifestyle, will help to alleviate the effects of polluted air. It's not a cure for asthma, or a replacement for breathing the clean air that nature intended; but like many of the measures we take to reduce pollution intake, it is a tool you can use to help reduce the effects of dirty air. Learn more about our latest advancement in health, and see how we have developed this formula specifically to help the body rid itself of harmful toxins. We've included elements to flush metal and particulate matter from your system, and restore normal function to your most vital organs. There are elements to ensure you maintain a healthy circulatory system, and that lung-scar tissue is healed properly. We've also included potent anti-oxidants to help protect your cells from the free radical damage brought on by pollution. This formula is designed to help you alleviate the symptoms of chronic bronchitis, emphysema, and a host of other respiratory disorders.

Air Pollution has always been an unavoidable fact of life when living in an industrialized society. It's adverse effects have been well-known, and documented, and many measures have been taken to protect those who must live or work in polluted areas. In spite of a decade of improvements in air quality, the latest Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) report states that 62 million people in the U.S.A. live in an area where the air fails to meet it's clean air standards act. Worse yet is the fact that 62 million, is only the number of people who live in an area where the air quality is reaching critical levels of pollution. The actual number of Americans living and working in polluted air is 117 million!

These are only the facts as they appear in America. The problem is even worse in some areas overseas, and you don't have to live in a large city to suffer from air pollution. In some instances, atmospheric conditions can deposit pollutants on an inhabited area that comes from industrial sites sometimes hundreds of miles away. The city of London once suffered over 4,000 fatalities in just a few days because a stable air system kept the pollution from drifting away, and the City of New York lost 252 of it's citizens during a similar episode in 1953. If you need further proof, remember that the radioactive fallout from the Chernobyl accident literally circled the globe, and if you want to get really technical about it, it's still up there today.

Eighty years is a long time, and a great deal of experience if you spend it helping people be healthy, and T. J. Clark & Company ought to know. We've helped literally millions, but we won't be satisfied until we've helped you.

T. J. Clark's Smog Detox™ liquid and tablets are available now!

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